Guided hiking tour „waterfall path“ to Sommerberg (2.100 m)


From Monday to Friday local hiking guides Helmut, Julia, Benjamin and Erich attend you on various walks, nature trails and mountain tours. We show you the most beautiful places in the Zillertal, making a stop at the cozy huts and climb some of the Zillertal mountains.

From easy to challenging everything is included in the hiking program and do we respond individually on your personal wishes and fitness levels.


Guided Hiking Tour with Sport Vital Hotel Central

We take the bus to Hintertux (1.500 m). There we go through the waterfall path to the Sommerberg. There we make a small break and afterwards we return to Hintertux. From Hintertux we take the bus to the Hotel.

Walking time: approx. 4.5 hours

TOUR Details

Deep rock basins, natural stone bridges, caves and gorges fascinate visitors. The trail also takes you to Schraubenwasserfall, a waterfall which has been declared a natural monument. Start from the bottom station of the glacier cable car in Hintertux. Slightly to the left is the bottom-most waterfall "Kesselfall". Pass several hairpin turns until you reach "Schraubenwasserfall". Take the narrow trail through the windbreak (wood) to the road that comes up from Hintertux. Take it to the right, past "Walfischmaul", a split block of stone in the shape of a whale's mouth. Next, take the right-hand turn on the hiking trail in the direction of the Spannagelhaus. Follow this trail until a sign points to the right for Sommerberg. Keep going to Tuxbach gorge. Cross a narrow bridge to the beautiful small valley at Waldeben. Descent to the bottom station of the glacier cable car.

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