Qigong - one week packed with positive energy


Simple and effective doing something good to oneself

Qi Gong is an ancient form of training of body, mind and soul. The special exercises serve the preservation and promotion of health and each of regularly employing thus, is placed in a position to activate his Qi to counteract age- and occupational changes.

QI means breath or energy. Since the term QI in the Chinese culture is very comprehensive, it is not just about breathing or energy, but rather an immaterial basic element that fills the entire universe with life.

There are over one hundred official forms of Qi Gong. These are always at least two of the seven components in one unit practiced: relaxation - rest - naturalness - movement - breathing - mental imagination - tone.

An entire week (in July and September) is dominated by Qi Gong with Mag. Heinz Peter Steiner. Our guests have the opportunity to participate at the Qi Gong units twice a day. Participation is free and finds great popularity among our guests.

Heinz Peter Steiner - a genuine Tyrolean and ambitious athlete - is a true professional and mental coaching, personal training, Qi Gong, ...

PS: In fair weather the Qi Gong units are held on the sun terrace - pure relaxation!

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