TUX Welten - New in Summer 2016


Tux-Finkenberg offers new worlds to discover: Four new theme paths entice young and old in the magnificent mountain scenery of the Tux Valley. Starting with eternal ice of the glacier in Hintertux over the hills and meadows of the mountain slopes down into the beautiful valley of the Tux brook. Together with Gletscherfloh Luis and his various adventures, children and adults dive into the unique adventure worlds:

Within "Naturwelt" you will explore with all your senses the wonders of meadows and moors.

Within "Tierwelt" Luis introduce you to his friends inthe valley. Even in the brook live tiny creatures that make it big out here.

Of course, water is the defining element of the Tux Valley, in the"Wasserwelt" you can experience this impressive natural force.

Finally Luis invites you on the Sommerbergalm for "Gletscherfloh Safari". Here is his world with glacier fleas, ice crystals and a water playground!

Welcome to TUX Welten

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