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Vitalization for mind, body and soul

Classic massage (full body massage)

The classic massage is well suited for the treatment or prevention of acute muscle tension - by stroking, kneading etc. - can tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles are affected. It stimulates blood circulation, ensures the removal of toxins, purifies tissues, stimulates metabolism, facilitates cardiac activity and tightens skin and connective tissue.

Field of application:

  • pain
  • metabolic disorders
  • muscle tension
  • general relaxation

50 MIN | € 60,-

Partial massage

Partial massage is a classic back massage and is used for treating the entire back muscles. Stretching and relaxation of the entire musculature. This can improve blood circulation and waste products are removed. Tightens skin and connective tissue.

25 min | € 35,-

Sport massage

In general, a sports massage (active massage) serves to relieve tensions after competitions and sporting activities used before training and other sports. Stimulates blood circulation, elimination of toxins, purifies, tightens skin and connective tissue, increases productivity and is a precaution against acidification.

50 min | € 60,-

Luxury back massage

Combining classic back massage, acupressure, vital points and energy treatment makes this massage an exceptional experience. As a result, tensions can be eased, improves blood circulation and waste products are removed. Often after one treatment a very positive change in the whole body is perceiving.

50 min | € 65,-

Spine treatment

The Dorn Method first checks whether there is a hip obliquity. The sacrum forms the spine's base and transmits the load of the upper part of the body to the hip. Is the base not straight the result leads to a forced lapse of the spine with an increased tendency to vertebral blockages. A compliance and correction of hip obliquites therefore is essential to secure a long-term treatment success.

Then the therapist's hand exerts pressure with a thumb on the spinous processes during a slow, rhythmic movement of the patient. These muscles are loosened which improves mobility and blood circulation. No "straightening".

50 min – € 60,-

Breuss massage

The Breuss method is a sensitive, energetic, manual back massage that gently can correct mental and physical tension. Through the massage, the spine is stretched and blocked energy is brought to flow again in this area. The Breuss massage is an independent form of therapy. It is the ideal complement to the Dorn-method.

25 min – € 35,-

Aroma massage

The recovery massage or aroma massage is specially designed for you, the aroma oils chosen by You are slowly massaged into the body, thereby the skin gets optimally supplied with nutrients. Balm for body, mind and soul!

25 min – € 35,-

Chinese reflexology

All organs of our body can be affected by reflex on certain area of our feet. The reflexology has a health precaution.

  • Early detection of malfunction
  • Effective therapy
  • Successful treatment in rehabilitation medicine
  • Life and ability for regeneration are activated
  • Stress and tension states release
  • Circulation improves
  • Prophylactic measures are taken

Field of application

  • Digestive problems
  • Problems in the menstrual cycle
  • Headache
  • Sniff
  • Vegetative complaints
  • General regeneration of the body


50 min – € 60,-

Marquart Hanne reflexology

The reflexes on the feet are reflections of body areas. Through massaging these zones the corresponding organs and body parts can be affected by reflex. The massage on the feet serves health care because it harmonises and strengthens internal organs and body functions, so they can build more resistance against disease factors. If You are permanently under stress, have sleeping problems, Your immune system is already in disequilibrium, as trauma care, if You have tired feet, migraines or ailments of the locomotor system, menstrual problems - a reflexology foot massage relieves.

Field of application:

  • Digestive problems
  • Problems in the menstrual cycle
  • Headache
  • Sniff
  • Vegetative complaints
  • General regeneration of the body


25 min – € 35,-

Lymphatic drainage

The Lymphatic drainage was developed in the 30s by Dr. Vodder in France and introduced in its present form for the first time. Its goal is it to remove interstitial fluid through the connective tissue by using special grip techniques. It activates the lymphatic system of the body. Lymph is not only responsible for optimal drainage, but also bearer of the entire defense system of the organism. Features of this treatment are the gentle pressure, the slow pace of work and the special grip techniques.

Field of application:

  • with edema and injuries
  • after removal of plaster
  • bruises, especially after fractures
  • with vein problems
  • with swelling of body parts after cancer surgery
  • painful muscular tension (head, neck)
  • for general relaxation, decongestion and detoxification


50 min – € 60,-

Face lymphe

A special massage technique stimulates the lymphatic circulation, reduces the fluid accumulation in the tissues and detoxifies. The facial lymph drainage is used for prevention and support of fluid retention. The immune system recovers. This treatment is healthy and natural!

25 min – € 35,-

Ayurvedic full body massage

The purpose of Ayurveda is to bring body, mind and soul into harmony, strengthen the immune system and thus prevent illness. "Ayus" - life and "Veda" - knowledge, assembled they designate one of the oldest health science in the world. It is not only to cure diseases at individuals, but also to influence public health as a whole positive. A wonderful rejuvenating form of treatment to regenerate and harmonize body, mind and soul is the traditional full-body oil massage. All parts of the body, starting at the head, are lovingly treated and massaged with relaxing,highly effective oil.

Positiv effects of the Ayurvedic full body massage:

  • strengthens skin, makes it smooth and shiny, improves its elasticity
  • promotes the elimination of toxins
  • nourishes and nurses our hair and makes it shiny
  • useful for nervousness, restlessness, sleep problems, chronic headaches
  • for recreation, regeneration and recharge the energy


80 min – € 95,-

Ayurvedic forehead

Shirodhara is an oil-forehead from well-tempered herbal essences. It calms the entire central nervous system. In Shirodhara a continuous body warm temperate oil beam of sesame oil flows in elliptical orbits about the center of the forehead. It causes deep relaxation, calming and strengthening of the senses and mind. It turns into a pleasant well-being, which leads to a feeling of inner peace.

25 min – € 60,-

Prana energizer

Was ist Prana?

Prana derives from the Sanskrit word vital breath or life energy! Prana, also known as bio-energy or chi, is the unmistakable power that exists in the entire universe and keeps us alive. It controls our life force, ensures physical and mental well-being. Prana acts in every person, in every plant, in every animal in the water, in stones. Prana has always been there and will always be there! Prana is the divine life energy, which knows neither beginning nor end! With the help of meditation, alignment with the divine, nature considerations, and other techniques we can connect with Prana energy and it takes effect.

Life energy will increase, thus we can get body and soul healthy or regain our health.

Effects of Prana:

  • Increasing one's energy frequency
  • Cleansing the body of energy waste
  • Retain or acquiring mental strength
  • Energetic balance of body, mind and soul
  • Liberation of negative thought patterns


50 min – € 60,-


REI means "universal" and refers to the level of  mind and soul.
KI is life energy that flows in all living.

The Japanese characters together have the meaning "universal life energy". The Reiki energy is not dual, but holistically: it is therefore neither positive nor negative, but both together in itself. Reiki is "universal" power and can therefore be safely applied always and everywhere. It expresses the quality of unconditionality - as opposed to conditionality. "Universal" means: "all purposes, conditions or situations appropriate or jointly". It is part of the cosmic.

How effects Reiki?

On the physical level Reiki relieves pain, brings the entire organism in harmonious balance, cleanses and purifies, strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels and well-being. Reiki helps especially when reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Reiki supports medical treatments and can be excellently combined with other healing methods such as homeopathy, reflexology, massage and bioenergetics.

For whom does Reiki work?

Basically, it is suitable for everyone who wants to give cure or looks for it. Everyone can benefit from Reiki.

25 min – € 35,-