Wellness baths

Enjoying wonderful spa treatments in the warm water bed

In the following applications in the water bed, valuable essences are applied to Your skin and Your body gets packed carefully. Subsequently, we "sink" You into the sun lounger. Floating and gently rocking you then lie on a pleasantly tempered underground, to about 37 ° C warm water with which does not come in contact your skin.

Tuxer beer bath

Biertrub is a natural remedy, provided that temperature and time are well chosen and the additional well-dosed. The same applies for the brewer's yeast as a bath additive - both ingredients cause a cleansing to purify the organism through the skin pores.

The yeast moisturises and vitamins and minerals stimulate the metabolism. Carbonic acid improves circulation and hops operate reassuring.

50 MIN | € 38,-

Thalasso therapy

Through the power of the sea and the sun, for smooth, firm skin. With this treatment, You achieve a tight, consolidate and revitalized skin tissue. Due to these forces the natural detoxification is stimulated and also acts mineral afferent, especially when it comes to cellulite. 

You can feel, sense and see improvements immediately. Thalasso therapy is ideal for dehydrated and dry, stressed skin.

50 min | € 38,-

Mud bath

The natural moor of our intact nature brings unexpected healing powers. Moor has not only a high heat retention. It also releasess heat slowly to the body. Soothing and healing for inflammatory diseases and where heat is felt soothing and healing.

Special effect:

  • Cellulite
  • Joints
  • Detoxification


50 min | € 38,-

Pomace bath

Is obtained from high-quality Chardonnay grape is obtained. The mixture gives a nice, smooth and firm surface because it contains fruit acids. Nestled in the waterbed, the pomace pack unfold its unique effect, the body is traversed by a pleasant tiredness.

Special effect:

  • Tightening of connective tissue
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Acts like a scrub


50 min | € 38,-

Goat butter cream bath

Pamper Yourself in goat butter cream bath! The goat butter cream comes from clinical dermatology. Freshly mixed and without preservatives a bath in goat butter cream increases the moisture content of Your skin and also has a relaxing effect.


50 min – € 38,-

Cleopatra bath

Much like in Ancient Egypt - Even the beautiful Cleopatra bathed in pure donkey milk and best oil. We mix milk with conditioning oils and this fragrant mixture makes your skin soft and tender.

In addition to skin care a mineralization of the upper dermal layers of the skin is achieved. You will be wrapped in a warm, soaked in milk and five different oils film and then inserted into ou special warm water bed at 38°C.

50 min – € 38,-

Evening primrose creme bath

Your whole body is gently moisturised with an evening primrose cream and wrapped in warm fleece. In the soft pack couch Your skin will be prepared for the acceptance of the evening primrose flower extracts. On the sun lounger You can completely relax and feel how the active components put a protective cover around Your body. The seed oil of the evening primrose helps to relieve skin diseases, particularly at atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.


50 min – € 38,-

Tyrolean mountain hay bath

Healing substances of hay are effective through the skin and the respiratory systems, ideal for rheumatic complaints. The Tux mountain hay from our own farm is the fundamental basis of this treatment.


Main active ingredient in hay is the essential oil coumarins. A hay bath has a detoxifying, sudorific and stimulates the metabolism. It relaxes the muscles and acts calmative on Your mind. A pure close experience.


50 min – € 38,-

Rose petal bath

A rose petal bath appears harmonizing and anti-depressive. Body and soul are pampered by soothing ingredients and the fine fragrance of roses. The pamper bath acts reconstructive and is particularly skin conditioning!

Acts particularly:

  • relaxation
  • detoxification
  • skin sensitization
  • cleaning


50 min – € 38,-

Orange bath

This extremely refreshing and stimulatory bath oil can be used as a massage oil. The bath nourishes Your skin and gives it silky softness. The combination of herbal oils is deeply effective and promotes the tightening of the connective tissue. The exotic scent of orange stimulates and vitalizes Your senses and your body.


The fresh and fruity beauty bath with the incomparable natural fragrance of orange makes already when applied the creamy foam provides for gentle personal hygiene and special feeling of well-being.


50 min – € 38,-

Swiss stone pine bath

A soothing bath with the "Queen of the Alps". Swiss stone pine lowers Your heart rate and calms after physical and mental stress. The skin obtains valuable nutrients and natural protection.


50 min – € 38,-

Whole-body peeling

The purpose of Ayurveda is to bring body, mind and soul in harmony, strengthen the immune system and thus prevent diceases. "Ayus" - life and "Veda" - knowledge, assembled they designate one of the oldest health science in the world. Not only diseases enhance the effect of peelings of various applications of our bathrooms depending on the treatment.

Peelings enhance the effect of various applications of our bathrooms depending on the treatment. The active nature can penetrate better and promote the circulation of your body in the body. Active components of nature can infiltrate Your body better stimulate Your blood circulation.

  • salt peeling with conditioning oils
  • yogurt salt peeling
  • coconut peeling


25 min – € 25,-

Fango package

As a high-quality heat carrier ideal for tension and stimulation of the nervous system. Relaxes the whole body and muscles - ideal before a massage.


25 min – € 30,-

Special for kids

  • Cleopatra bath

The holiday season will be used properly in order to be fit for academic excellence. The Cleopatra bath provides pleasant relaxation - pure recreation!


  • Rose petal bath

The fine rose petal aroma and calming ingredients pamper Your body, mind and soul.

  • Chocolate bath

That chocolate bath should not be missed by Your children. Just to feel good!

  • Evening primrose creme bath

This bath is good for children who tend to having dry skin. It moisturizes and children get a velvety skin.


25 min – € 30,-