Kinesiology taping

A treat for Your muscles

Taping is understood as the application of self-adhesive tapes (tapes). The tapes are glued directly onto the skin. The immediate effect of the taping is often amazing. There may be noticeable and measurable changes in the experience of pain and movement behavior immediately after the installation of the tape. The arm can be lifted many degrees further. When stooping Your fingertips reach closer to the ground. Squats succeed deeper.

Kinesiology taping overview

Lymph€ 25,00
Neck (cervical spine) € 25,00
Back (thoracic and lumbar)€ 25,00
Thigh € 25,00
Calves € 25,00
Pain points grid small€ 10,00
Pain points Tape size€ 15,00
Joint size (shoulder/hip) € 20,00
Hinge means (knee/ankle)€ 19,00
Joint small (finger/hand/elbow)€ 18,00

Field of application:

  • Dysfunctions of muscles
  • Imbalance of muscles
  • Worse lymphatic