Feel vitality & drift

Jollity & recreation in pyramids adventure pool with outdoor pool and whirlpool

What's better than having a quick shower - the anticipation in every limb - to stretch and jump into the desirable water. First the toes, fingers, then the body ... and You are surrounded by water and a pleasant atmosphere. In our pyramids adventure pool You can feel at ease completely.

With a length of 12 meters and connected outdoor pools You can pull a few athletic laps. The connoisseurs among the swimming fanatics are
specifically excited about the glass pyramid with the stars in mind. Get drifted by the water and take Your time to dream and relax.

Look out, early risers: The secret of many of our longtime guests is our pyramid adventure pool from 07.00 am.  It's incredibly refreshing to pull a few laps in the morning - and often all on Your own. The ideal start to a vital day at Central.